Producer Profiles

  • An Alternative Perspective on the Benefits of Certified Fair Trade

    Often we are asked by consumers about the direct benefit producers experience from certified fair trade. At times, we can point to a higher price paid for the coffee, though not always.  The market is volatile and coyotes working on behalf of large corporations can in times of tight markets offer an immediate higher price. Other times, we can point to tangibles procured through the social premiums incurred in certified fair trade sales: roads for the transport of coffee and goods, schools, clean water, health clinics, micro-finance opportunities, amongst many other things that communities decide are important for them. Read More »

  • Sugar Cane Producer Manduvira of Paraguay

    “Our cooperative makes a difference in the lives of our members in three ways: economically, socially and environmentally. I think the most precious capital we have is the trust of the members. All the producer-members are sure the cooperative will support them and that it will continue to do so.” Read More »

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