• Fair Trade Challenge Video

    A new name, with new timing, and new challenges, the Fair Trade Challenge is going to be a blast! Beginning on Hallowe’en (Oct. 31) and concluding on Buy Nothing Day (Nov. 29), the Fair Trade Challenge still promotes consumer choice and inspires ethical purchasing. The build-up and promotion of this campaign will encourage participants to consider the producer behind their Hallowe’en treats while the early holiday shoppers will have some food for thought. This year’s participants will not only be challenged not to give in to those temptations but will be asked to be creative with how to effectively confront normative purchasing practices.

    Click here for more information about the Fair Trade Challenge.

  • World Fair Trade Day 2013

    World Fair Trade Day is May 11th, 2013!

  • Manitoba’s First Ever Carrotmob

    Support fair trade and come to Manitoba’s first ever Carrotmob! We’ve teamed up with Chocolatier Constance Popp to vote with our dollars and support a local business who has made a commitment to Fair Trade products. The mob will happen March 9th, 2013 at Chocolatier Constance Popp’s (1853 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg).

  • I Am Making A Difference: Vera Goussaert

    Vera Goussaert from Winnipeg, Manitoba, is the Executive Director of the Manitoba Cooperative Association. She has worked with credit unions in Ghana, which encourage women to save money to start their own businesses and send their children to school. Vera is very pleased that the United Nations has declared 2012 the International Year of Cooperatives as she believes that cooperatives represent gender equality and allow women to support themselves and their families financially.

  • Generating Momentum for Our World: Go Fair Trade

    Go Fair Trade: Your School. Your Dollar. Our World. was a one day conference for Middle Years students in 2011/2012 to explore the people behind the products we buy, and how we can vote with our dollar by purchasing fair trade products.

  • I Am Making A Difference: Nick Reid

    Nick Reid works for his father company Green Bean Coffee Imports which is a certified Fair Trade coffee roaster. Nick is Making a Difference by using the company as a platform to promote Fair Trade to Manitobans as a equitable system of production and trade, whereby producers are paid a fair price. He travels throughout the province to spread the word and believes that many more young Manitobans are creating change than we would think. Nick was one of six students who came together to write the song ‘Get Up!’, which encourages all young people to Get Inspired to make a difference, in any way they can.

  • I Am Making A Difference: Ainsley Frederickson

    Ainsley Frederickson teaches High School students at Warren Collegiate in Warren, Manitoba. Ainsley is Making a Difference by educating her students on Fair Trade and by working with those students to encourage the school board to take up Fair Trade initiatives. Her students then go on make a difference by buying Fair Trade products and getting their friends and family to do the same. Ainsley’s students exhibit an energy and hunger for change that we must nourish in our youth, if we are to see lasting and sustainable change.

  • Manitobans Go Fair Trade

    Promotional video for Fair Trade Manitoba.

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