News Updates

  • Speaker Challenges Communities to “Go Fair Trade”

    Posted October 7th 2008

    Reykia Fick, Outreach Coordinator for TransFair Canada, will be in Manitoba for three days this week to challenge local communities to officially go fair trade.  Reykia is the prime contact for the national Fair Trade Towns Campaign, wherein communities strive to meet six criteria that will lead to their fair trade designation.  Read More »

  • Thinking about Global Trade Over 25,073 Cups of Coffee

    Posted March 14th 2008

    More than 1,000 Manitobans, representing more than 50 businesses, community groups and churches, have spent the month thinking about global trade while enjoying 25,073 cups of fair-trade coffee. Fair Trade Manitoba’s One-Month Challenge ends today, with participants showing support for producers in the developing world by pledging to drink fair trade coffee and tea, and eat fair trade chocolate for 30 days. Read More »

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