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One of Fair Trade Manitoba’s ongoing projects is the development of fair trade resources relevant to Manitobans. We have started with the Directory and will be adding more content in the near future.

In the meanwhile, we are pleased to provide “the best of the fair trade web”. You get 14,000,000+ hits when you ‘google’ fair trade. That’s a lot of web pages to visit. If you spent 1 second on each page, you’d be sitting at your computer for more than 162 days … with no sleep and no bathroom breaks.

So we have done you a favour and picked what we think are the best fair trade resources offered on the web.

For School Teachers

  • Education for Global Citizenship: A Guide for Schools (OXFAM Great Britain) – A resource for teachers to use which “enables pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and values needed for securing a just and sustainable world in which all may fulfil their potential.”
  • Fair Trade in the Grade 7 Curriculum – This site offers an overview of fair trade issues covered in the curriculum, as well as links to other fair trade resources.
  • Fair Trade in the Grade 9 Curriculum – This link offers an overview of fair trade content in the Grade 9 curriculum, as well as links to other fair trade and ethical consumption resources.
  • The New, Improved Supermarket Tour (Ontario Public Interest Research Group) – A tour guide that engages students in asking “questions about the products on supermarket shelves, providing a focus for discussion on a wide range of food issues, from labour to labeling, from marketing to genetic manipulation, from pesticides to profit.”
  • Your School and the FAIRTRADE Mark (Fair Trade Foundation - Great Britian) – A resource package that helps teachers use fair trade themes in providing pupils with learning opportunities to gain the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to play an effective role in society at local, national and international levels.

Community Campaigns

  • Fair Trade Coffee: Facilitator’s Guide (OXFAM Canada / Vancouver Fair Trade Coffee Network) – A facilitator’s guide “designed to contain almost all you will need to offer an informative and inspiring workshop” on fair trade coffee.
  • Fair Trade in Your Community (Transfair USA) – This web page provides reviews and provides follow up information for city-specific fair trade initiatives in the US.
  • Fairtrade Town Goals and Action Guide (Fair Trade Foundation - UK) – A guide developed as part of the Fairtrade Towns Initiative to assist activists in mobilizing municipal and community support for fair trade.

Student Campaigns

Faith Community Campaigns

Fair Trade Resources

  • Fact Sheets and Research Tools (Transfair USA) – This web page provides access to a wide range of resources, fast fact sheets and backgrounders on fair trade and fair trade products.
  • Fair Trade Flash Presentation (Transfair USA) – Fair Trade Videos: A variety of short videos supporting fair trade
  • Fair Trade Manitoba’s Facebook Page – Stay up to date on local events, ask questions and discuss fair trade issues with others.
  • Fair Trade Overview (Lutheran World Relief) – This web page includes a link to a pdf document exploring the linkages between fair trade and human rights, as well as a slideshow profiling 15 different people from developing nations who are fair trade producers.
  • Producer Profiles (Transfair USA) – This web page provides access to over 100 single sheet profiles (pdf files) of fair trade producer groups, organized by developing country and product.

Fair Trade websites

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